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Background and Organizational Structure of SHSS

The school of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS) at Kainan University (KNU), formally established in August, 2006, contains five departments (offer both bachelor and master programs) and one graduate institute. They are Department of Public Affairs Management, Program of Cultural Creation and Governance, Department of Applied English, Department of Applied Japanese, and Department of Applied Chinese. The diverse five departments/institutes give the school a pluralistic appearance and multi-disciplinary environment.


Characteristics of SHSS Development

Since KNU is located in the northern part of Taoyuan County, 30 km distance from Taipei, the commute for students and faculty is very convenient. The location of KNU is also very close to Taoyuan International Airport, therefore it provides KNU, particularly SHSS, great opportunity and advantages in pursuing internationalization and globalization. On this basis, the development of SHSS aims at both internationalization and localization. As for the internationalization, These courses help develop and improve student’s international perception and keep them updated with the trend of the global development. As for the localization, SHSS offers many kinds of incentives and rewards to encourage students to discover, develop and enhance their second specialty, and to make efforts to acquire specialized certificates by passing examinations. SHSS not only detects and fosters student’s talent in many aspects, but also educates and trains them to be qualified for working in both public and private sectors successfully.


Perspective of Future Development of SHSS

In the future, SHSS will enrich the teaching resources and enable students to further enjoy their studies in SHSS at KNU. For the sake of pursuing globalization, SHSS will continue enhancing student’s ability in their employment and helping them gain jobs in governmental institutions, local private enterprises, and multinational enterprises in the world particularly those in China, after their graduation.