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張執中 教授(人文社會學院院長/公事碩士班)

Professor Dr. Chih-Chung, Chang

  • Education:國立政治大學東亞研究所法學博士
  • Specialty FieldGlobalization and Regional Development、Cross-Strait Relations and Policy、Negotiation and Communication、Chinese Studies、Public Administration
  • Office:A664/B119  Tel 03-3412500 ext. 6231/ext. 4001
  • E-mail: cczhung@mail.knu.edu.tw
  • Office hours:111-1
  • Experience :張執中著作目錄(202310)-2



曹瑞泰 副教授(公事碩士班)

Associate Prof. Dr. Ruey-Tai, Tsao

  • Education:日本國立新潟大學現代社會文化研究所(法政組)博士、廈門大學文學博士、中國政法大學法學博士
  • Specialty FieldJapanese Studies、Crisis Management、Northeast Asian Studies、Chinese & Japanese、Ethnic Legal System and Policy、Sociocultural Governance
  • Office:A726  Tel 03-3412500 ext. 6102
  • E-mail: rueytai@mail.knu.edu.tw
  • Office hours111-1
  • Experience :曹瑞泰副教授歷年著作2022.pdf



陳啟清 副教授(公管碩專班/執行長)

Associate Prof. Dr. Chii-Ching, Chen

  • Education:國立政治大學博士
  • Specialty Field:Politics、State Theory、Democratic Governance、Globalization and Localization、International Friendly Environment、Food and Agriculture Education
  • OfficeA613  Tel:03-3412500 ext. 6180
  • E-mailccchen@mail.knu.edu.tw
  • Office hours111-1
  • Experience :陳啟清副教授歷年著作.pdf



陳文甲 副教授(公管碩專班/董事會主任祕書)

Associate Prof. Dr. CHEN WEN-CHIA

  • Education:日本大阪商業大學地域政策學研究所博士
  • Specialty FieldRegional Policy Research、Asia Pacific Regional Studies、Japanese Political and Economic Studies、International Business Studies
  • Office:A747 Tel03-3412500 ext. 3302
  • E-mailtwjptw@gmail.com
  • Office hours111-1
  • Experience :《亞太區域經濟合作之政經分析(Political and Economic Analysis of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)》 台北:五南圖書,2018/11。


林月珠 副教授(法律碩專班)

Associate Prof. Dr. Yeuh-Ju(Judy)Lin

  • Education:美國密蘇里大學哥倫比亞校區消費者家庭經濟(個人投資理財)博士
  • Specialty Field:Commercial Law、Tax Law、Financial Accounting、Auditing、Investment、Corporate Governance
  • Office: A742  Tel: 03-3412500 ext.  6129
  • E-mail: judylin@mail.knu.edu.tw
  • Office hours111-1
  • Experience :林月珠著作目錄一覽表


陳姿菁  副教授(應用語言碩士班)

Associate Prof. Dr. CHEN Tzu-ching

  • Education:PhD in Humanities, Graduate School of International Japanese Studies, Ochanomizu University, Japan
  • Specialty Field:Japanese teaching theory, speech analysis, Chinese teaching
  • Office:B960  Tel: 03-3412500 ext. 7960
  • E-mailtcchen@gapps.knu.edu.tw
  • Office hours專任教師留校時間
  • Experience :經歷著作


劉雪蕊    副教授(應用語言碩士班)

Associate Prof. Dr.  Liu, Hsueh-Jui

  • Education:PhD in Practical Linguistics, University of Newcastle, UK
  • Specialty Field:Second language acquisition, English teaching, computer/technology-assisted foreign language learning
  • Office:A610   Tel 03-3412500 ext. 6177
  • E-mailsarah.hjliu@yahoo.co.uk
  • Office hours專任教師留校時間
  • Experience :歷年著作